Coach/ Team Manager Login:

YouthSportsID.com was created to allow Parents/Guardians, Coaches/Team Managers, and Tournament Directors to save time and provide the convenience of having all of the Age Verification material in one place.

Parents will no longer have to continue to search, make copies, and deliver hard copies of the verification material to coaches. Coaches will no longer have to carry the hard copies of the roster, insurance, and age verification material to tournaments, and tournament directors will no longer have to be tied to a check in table to leaf through piles of documents simply to verify each team and player roster.

YouthSportsID.com provides all of this in one place for every aspect of the verification process.

Your Data and Our Security:

The most frequent question we encounter always entails personal online data security. YSID understands. Many of us remember the angst experienced the first time we handed over a hard copy of our child's birth certificate to his/her new coach. Similarly the concern that we all felt with our first online purchase using our credit card, or switching to online banking. By 2014, all doctors will need to switch to electronic medical records or face severe penalties.

Youth sports now needs to take a similar leap of faith to reap the benefits that await. At YouthSportsID.com, online security is of paramount importance to us. We take each of the necessary steps to ensure your data is secure at all times.

Initial Registration Steps
Step 1
Click on the Registration link from the Home page, or the Coach/Manager tutorial page.

Step 2:
Fill out the online registration form.

Step 3:
Submit the registration form, and your FREE ACCOUNT will be created.

Once you have registered, you can create your teams (can create and manage multiple teams), request players to fill your roster, upload your team insurance, search for tournaments, join a tournament, submit your team roster complete with your team insurance and age verification information to the tournament, and even send emails to your team for any announcement necessary.

You also have the ability to upload age verification documents for your team members (Rosters). Simply click on the name of one of your participants and you will see where you can upload documents for them. These documents will populate within your roster information, as well as within the individual Team Member Portal area.

*Just make sure your team members register (parents of players) so you can find them in the database and you can add them to your roster with a roster request. The Player Parent will receive an email asking them to become a member of your team. All they have to from there is log in and hit “Approve” and all of their information is added to your team roster!

Click Here to review this information and some helpful screen shots regarding the registration process and overview of your features.